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1. Dezember 2021 Flyer Advent Calendar

We made some flyers for the Stuttgart nightlife in the nineties. From 1 to 24.12.2021 we will post an advent calendar flyer every day on https://www.instagram.com/logopilot/ https://www.facebook.com/logopilot Have Fun!

15. März 2021 Rip’n Wud Freerando Ski Collection Twin Peaks

The skis of Rip'n Wud from the french Haute Savoie are exclusively made of eco-materials. for the new freerando collection we have created a design of cherry and walnut wood. representing the classic embossing and the light construction. time

24. September 2019 Rip’n Wud New Grand Sport Race Ski

Rip'n wud has been producing handmade eco skis of the highest quality since 1997 in the Haute Savoie - Mont Blanc . The new ski model Grand Sport in black is the first in the new race ski category

21. Mai 2019 AER Loudspeakers on Highend & Hifideluxe

AER Loudspeakers presented at 2 simultaneous fairs its highend speakers: At the world's largest audio show HighEnd, along with Axjet speakers, Joe Sound and Riviera amplifiers, the response to the extremely sensitive speakers was very positive. Riviera presented its masterfully crafted

11. März 2019 wipE’out: Fusion of Game, Sound and Graphic Design

Wipeout (stylised as wipE'out") is a futuristic racing video game developed and published by Psygnosis. It is the first game in the Wipeout series. It was originally released in 1995 for PlayStation and PCs running MS-DOS, and in 1996 for Sega Saturn, being a launch

25. Februar 2019 bike.jetzt a bikelife blog

bike.jetzt is a Bikelife blog that shows the advantages, possibilities and the fun of cycling. The blog is also to convince non-bikers without raising their forefingers. We designed the logo, appearance, developed a content concept and created the complete

21. Februar 2019 Calendar Overview

 Since 2014, we have self-published annual calendars in the DIN A1 format. Each issue shows a region of our world. In this generous format, the photos by Peter Steinheisser have enough space for the big and the detail, Michael

12. Februar 2019 Il Ritorno

In the small one is the big one (Japanese proverb). Even in a small project, you have all the requirements of a major project. We designed all media for the new Italian restaurant "Il Ritornio" at Killesberg in Stuttgart. Logo, print,

27. Januar 2019 Atomium

On the way in Brussels, we made a detour to the landmark of the city of the Atomium. Built in 1958 for the World Exhibition, it is still an experience today, we were very excited. Even the laser show