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Logopilot is a designstudio in Stuttgart. We design and publish print, product and interactive media since 1990.
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3. Januar 2024 Rip’n Wud Skis Fanvideo

We show you the Rip'n Wud Skis fan video that we published at the turn of the year, enjoy it!

1. August 2023 „Manifesto of Fragility“ – Lyon Biennale 2022

The Lyon Biennale 2022 welcomed art enthusiasts from around the world to immerse themselves in the theme "Manifesto of Fragility." This extraordinary exhibition delved into the delicate core of human existence, celebrating vulnerability as a source of strength rather

15. Juni 2023 Christian Dior Museum in Paris

Welcome to our YouTube video about the new Christian Dior Museum in Paris! In this exciting museum we have the unique opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of the legendary fashion designer Christian Dior. Come with us on

7. Februar 2023 Waisdesign Website

Of course, we also work for our partners in the industry. Susanne Wais has been running her graphic design office in Stuttgart for many years. We created her new website which inspires with a beautiful, diverse portfolio. simply visit www.waisdesign.de

13. März 2022 Restaurant Injeera Website

Injeera African Restaurant in Stuttgart's Bohnenviertel offers authentic Eritrean specialties. It is one of our favorite restaurants where we always like to go and enjoy the Injeera flatbread with many specialties. Now we have built a small but fast

4. März 2022 Rip’n Wud Ski Website Update

We have comprehensively relaunched the Rip'n Wud Skis website. The result is a website with a timeless design which is also reflected in the ski designs. Also the function corresponds to the high performance products, the site loads very

4. Dezember 2021 Runwild Mushing

Runwild Mushing organize dog sledding trips in the lonely Yukon in Canada - in sensational, untouched nature the tourists as well as the trained dogs have a lot of fun driving through the snowy landscape. www.runwild.info