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Logopilot is a designstudio in Stuttgart. We design and publish print, product and interactive media since 1990.
Webdesign, wordpress website design, productdesign, printdesign, interactive media, 3d illustration, logodesign, logos, signets, corporate idendity, flyer, catalog design, eventdesign, trade show designs
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design & publish since 1990




Logopilot Designstudio is a full-service design agency that specializes in creating high-quality designs for a wide range of projects and applications. With our team of experienced designers and experts, we are committed to helping businesses establish a strong and memorable visual identity.


Our key areas of business include:


Custom logo design, signets, and corporate identity development, all done with the highest level of quality and attention to detail.


Print design and production of the highest level, with a wide range of references and experience in creating effective designs for all types of print projects.


Design and promotion of events, trade shows, and presentations, with a strong emphasis on creating engaging and interactive experiences for attendees.


Illustration services for any application, including 2D and 3D static and moving designs.


Complete design and production of WordPress websites and social media applications, including training, maintenance, SEO, and integration of online shops or other interactive platforms.


Design of a wide range of products, including technical drawings for production, product packaging, and complete branding and promotion.


Managing and execution of photoshooting projects and events, to help create visually stunning and impactful images.


We are passionate about art and we are dedicated to incorporating that passion into all of our designs, whether it is for commercial or artistic purposes.


We are confident that our expertise and experience make us the perfect partner for your design needs. Let Logopilot Designstudio help you create a strong and memorable visual identity that will help your business stand out.

Logopilot Designstudio

Michael Mauch  |  Im Buchwald 66  |  70186 Stuttgart  |  Germany
+49  (0)172  7121058  |  info (at) logopilot.de   |  Facebook  |  Instagram