Logopilot is a designstudio in Stuttgart. We design and publish print, product and interactive media since 1990.
Webdesign, wordpress website design, productdesign, printdesign, interactive media, 3d illustration, logodesign, logos, signets, corporate idendity, flyer, catalog design, eventdesign, trade show designs
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We designed and produced a full range of branding solutions, including a corporate identity and logo, product design, indoor and outdoor signage, vehicle graphics, print designs, online marketing, website, social media channel designs, and content concepts. A highlight of our work was the intricate water bubble design for the glass panel ceiling in an entrance area, demonstrating our capability to bring innovative solutions to any project.


At AlbThermen Bad Urach, you can leave daily cares behind you, find peace, and immerse yourself in a world of complete relaxation.
Here, at one the most beautiful and traditional spas in Europe, a source of rejuvenation and vitality awaits you.


The four benefits of AlbThermen:

  • Purest thermal mineral water in 6 different pools and pool attractions
  • Separate Sauna World with 7 sauna variations and attractions
  • Pampering programmes, soothing treatments, and events in the new clothing-required wellness area and in the massage centre
  • Training- and prevention across 1,000 sq m at KANTO SPORTS at AlbThermen, the bordering fitness- and health centre


AlbThermen Website




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